" We Handled by care, savety and professionals skilled diving service that gives you not just a guest, we serve you as friends and family"

                                                                       Anis Kabuhung
                                                                       Dive Master
Seize the Celebes Sea, witness thousand live creatures in the deep ocean. Dive the teeming coral walls in the warm water of Bunaken National Marine Park or explore the best critter diving in the Lembeh Strait. North Sulawesi has it all. A dominating volcanic landscape creates a unique background for your to discover North Sulawesi, one of the best dive destinations in the world.

NDC Diving Centre gives you the best diving facilities in Manado. Professional SSI and PADI certified Dive Guides, boat with 10-15 seating capacity, nitrox compressor, diving and snorkeling equipments. By hiring professional Diving Instructor, NDC Diving Centre also offers you SSI and PADI Dive Course.

Grab your unforgettable underwater experience with the pioneer of diving centre in Manado.
With Full Equipment we serve you :
~ Mask
~ Snorkel
~ Corrective Lens
~ Fins (Full-Foot)
~ Fins (Open Heel)
~ Weight Belt
~ Wet Suit (Shorty)
~ Wet Suit (Full Suit)

~ Regulator Set
~ Dive Torch
~ Dive Computer
~ Digital Underwater Camera
~ Wrist Compass
~ Tank Rental
~ Air Refill
> Dive Package & Dive Equipment
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